Formerly NADEC - and still the place for friendly horse competition

NADEC Membership Terms and Conditions 

Please ensure you are willing to comply with the following conditions of entry before you join or enter any NADEC Associate or Official competition. 

NADEC reserves the right to update and amend these terms and conditions.

  1. All NADEC events are conducted under EA rules.

  2. Welfare of the Horse - FEI Code of Conduct - Observed mistreatment or abuse of a horse will not be tolerated. NADEC will take appropriate action as deemed necessary against those competitors that choose to disregard the rules pertaining to the welfare of the horse and the FEI code of conduct.

  3. All riders must wear an ASA approved helmet (AS/NZ 3030:1998 Current Australian Standard) at all times while mounted on a horse. No helmet = No ride

  4. All NADEC Dressage event entries are made through It is the sole responsibility of the rider to ensure that entries are made before the close of entry deadline. Late entries may be considered but they are not a right. 

  5. NADEC reserves the right to reject any entry where incomplete or incorrect information has been provided or the correct fees have not been paid.

  6. NADEC members wishing to access discounted entry fees must provide the current year NADEC password at time of entry. If you do not provide the current year password at time of entry no discount will be provided later.

  7. NADEC reserves the right to alter or cancel any section of the programme or cancel a competition.

  8. If an event is cancelled entry monies will be refunded by NADEC after a deduction has been made for administration fees.

  9. No refunds after close of entries without a vet or medical certificate, which must be supplied within five working days from the date of the competition.

  10. Riders under the age of 16 years must have a parent or appointed guardian present on the grounds at all times on the day of the competition.

  11. No electric or rope yards are permitted at an NADEC competition.

  12. Dogs must be leased at all times, failure to do so may result in elimination from the competition or the rider responsible for the dog(s).

  13. Horse health declaration forms will need to be handed in at each event prior to riding.

  14. Members are required to provide a minimum of 5 hours of volunteer work per year to the Club.

  15. Date of birth must be provided on application form for all applying members under the age of 25 years.

  16. If you wish to ride as a Junior you must be under 16 years at the time of riding. If you turn 17 during the riding calendar you should ride in the open classes. (Check calendar for competition dates).


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